The SLO Late Show

Wednesdays from 10 pm to Midnight

ESPN Radio 1280's newest show, The SLO Late Show, takes you in-depth into the world of sports but with a little humor and pop culture thrown in as well. Headed by local college graduates Alex Clupper and Bobby Goodsby, The SLO Late show takes an approach to sports that is insightful and highly entertaining at the same time, giving you the analysis you need without sacrificing some humor along the way. The SLO Late Show covers all the major sports and events that tickle your fancy and is the undisputed home of MMA talk on the Central Coast. Whether you're into the UFC, the NFL, the NBA, the MLB or just want to stay entertained for two hours late into your humpday, The SLO Late Show is your show.



Alex grew up in metropolitan Shingle Springs, California (population: 2,000) where he learned how to ride his skateboard NASCAR style, dominate NBA Action 94 on his Sega Nomad and type up daily schedules for he and his best friend Sam to strictly adhere to. Alex graduated from Ponderosa High in 2008 and attended Cal Poly, originally for a degree in Software Engineering. After a few weeks inside Clint Staley’s meat-grinder, Alex wisely decided to switch majors to Business. After getting a random stroke of inspiration one night, Alex emailed Mike at ESPN 1280 and inquired about becoming an intern. He has been the producer of The Sports Bite ever since. Alex graduated from Cal Poly in 2012 and, after stints at the worst job in human history (delivering newspapers) and a very nice alcoholic beverage compliance company, Alex has decided that the real world is a scary place where dreams go to die. So now, he co-hosts The SLO Late Show and hopes that this small radio show that could can somehow evolve into his career. A man can dream. 


Bobby grew up in Visalia, CA where he attended El Diamante High School and was avidly involved in FFA, Track, and Video Production. As mentioned many times on the show, Bobby is a diehard Minnesota Vikings, L.A. Lakers, San Diego Padres, and MMA fan. Bobby’s passion for radio began at an early age when he would get up early every Saturday to listen to his Dad’s radio show that was broadcasted out of the Central Valley. He admired the passion and assertiveness his Dad had for everything he talked about on his show. After high school, Bobby moved to the Central Coast to attend Cuesta College. While going to school full time, he began to work at Dominos Pizza to help pay for school. While delivering pizza, he would often listen to ESPN Radio “1280 The Ticket” and found himself getting actively involved in the conversation. One day he realized his passion was to have his own platform so that he could voice his own opinion on the hottest topics in sports with the same assertiveness as his Dad. Thus, the SLO Late Show was born. Like Alex, Bobby also went out on a whim with a stoke of confidence and applied for a position and was given a great opportunity at ESPN Radio 1280. Bobby is also the Producer of “The C.J. Silas Show” on ESPN Radio 1280. Bobby’s main passion in life is sports and he hopes to one day turn his knowledge and love for the sports world into some kind of career opportunity. The sky’s the limit! 





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